I won’t let myself get in the way of my dreams

I’m pretty sure I failed English in high school with a C- overall grade. Hell even before that, during primary school I scored lower than the state average during this state-wide evaluation of the spelling level of all primary students. Despite my parents telling me about my positioning, I didn’t let it bother me. Probably because I can be dismissive in regards to how others should tell me how I feel about things. In my first year of Sunshine Coast, I got 54 out of 100 in my Intro to Creative Writing class.

That class was a bitch to get through and I even though I felt so bad about my grade that I had doubts about being a writer, I stuck to my dreams. So the class was hard, I’ve never really applied my desire to write into a structured setting before. Creatively writing stories to a set criteria was hard, still is. But I knew that the degree I was in was the right one for me. And I stuck to it. And learnt so much. I think more than the postgrad diploma I did.

You have to be objective about everything in your life. I knew I did ok with the stories I wrote in class, but I do better left on my own. I learnt to build a thick skin and think critcally about how a story, how my stories should be written.

While I’m still a youngin’ when it comes to putting myself and stories on the internet I know that I can handle what gets thrown at me.

Uni break . . happy face to sad face

Today, even though it is a Friday, marks the beginning of one week’s break from classes. One week does not seem like much, but it is all we get.

During my time at Sunny Coast this ‘mid-semester break’ as it was called was 2 weeks long and was usually in the middle of the semester. But at Melbourne it is a measly one week officially called ‘Non Teaching Period’ or ‘Common Week’ and it started after the 9th week. I thought it was just a Melbourne uni thing, because people have bitched about it being 2 weeks last year. But when I looked back at my old uni I saw that the mid-semester break was now only one week, I guess things have changed . . . for the worst.

Just being a tad dramatic.

While students from non-arts disciplines would think that this is a time for those useless arts students to have a holiday think again.

I’ve got to write up assignments 😦

I’ve already started one and by started I mean: I’ve read the assignment info and don’t know exactly what I’m doing but the more bullshit I write then the more this assignment will make sense and somewhere along the line I’ll work out what I’m supposed to do.

This is usually a good study method because when you’ve worked out what you’re supposed to do, you’ve already got a couple hundred words written to help you. YAY