Whirlwind few days

Not even a week into living in Edinburgh I have a job trial and fingers crossed I think it might be a deal. So the other night I was laying in bed thinking about how I’ve been a bit burnt out with writing. I had gone and looked at a website that creates pre-made book cover images and got anxious about not writing. So as I laid there I kept thinking about this one image that wouldn’t leave my mind. It was a striking and it got me thinking what story I could create around it. And then BOOM! I got a story forming. It’s a combined vampire/possession story. So I wrote down some of the starting scenes and I’m feeling good πŸ™‚ I might go and continue with it today πŸ™‚

Doing NaNoWriMo

So I doing this for the first time πŸ™‚ I had signed up years ago, like 2012 but never committed myself to it. Now I’m going to try and write this new book idea that I am developing. At the moment I am writing out the scenes in order so that I will pretty much just hit the ground running. It’s another supernatural horror that will involve vampires πŸ™‚

Writing a novelette in under 3 weeks

My last post mentioned that I was working on a novella, but it turns out that this story is going to be a novelette – it is under 15,000 words.

I for one cannot believe that I was able to churn this story out in under three weeks! But I did it. It was another quarantine idea that I had thought up off and finished within 2020. I have one more to go. The fact that I’m going to finish this story by the end of September shows that I’m on a roll. I’m going to meet my goal of two stories by the end of the year πŸ™‚

This novelette will be priced at 0.99 cents and I’m planning on having it out by September 31st. Then I’m going to go on to my other supernatural story. That one is going to be longer, but I’m not sure what the word count will be.

How I managed to write this in under a month comes down to simply putting in the time. I did not write every day. When I did write I would range from a few hundred words to just under two thousand. I didn’t edit that much during the writing process, but I do think I added comments to change things as I went. I also found the internet a big distraction and I wonder how much more I could have accomplished if I was cut off.

I had fun with this little piece. I wrote in a difference voice to what I’m used to and I even switch POV’s. The first chapter is in 2nd, while the rest is in 3rd. I think that was the best way to start the story. I also have a male protagonist as the lead. Never done that before. I’m not sure how many edits I’ll do. I get better at writing with each new story and this is no different.

New ghostly novella coming soon

I’ve got a new story coming. The first draft is done and it’s just under 15,000 words. I have even done a book cover.

It follows Matt, a 20’s something beer shop employee who lives in a semi-stoner house who has just come out of a car wreck. Not only has he been knocked about, he also had this weird dream about him been murdered.

Then he does something stupid, he blabs about it at a party, after working out who the killer is. Now he is sure he is being hunted by the perpetrator and done for.

What is my genre!? . . . weird?


Readers of my blog will know that I’m working on my first novel called Feet or Fins. At the moment classifying my book’s genre is difficult because I just wrote a story I liked.

Screw the fact that other people would be reading it.

Currently I believe that my novel is a bit of an orphan in terms of genre. It fits in the Weird Fiction genre category, simply because it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else. The story has;

  • Supernatural elements explained through scientific realism, but it is not science fiction;

  • It has sporadic horror and slash and gore elements, but it also has a bit of romance;

  • It has fantasy elements like dealing with mythical creatures, but it is set in contemporary times;

  • It has monster literature themes, but the Mira are not the only monsters in the book;

  • It has elements of thriller, suspense and action, but this book does not revolve around this;

  • It is has elements of the French Fantastique cinema and literature genre, but it is absent of science fiction;

  • It deals with differences in culture and the issue of US vs THEM, in which the characters have navigate to their advantage or not;

It fits most snugly in Weird Fiction because the story is a blend of horror and fantasy set within speculative fiction. Previous writers of weird fiction have come from the 19th and 20th centuries. The downside to this definition is that weird fiction also encompasses ghost stories and tales of the macabre, which this novel does not have.

An alternative is that this story could also be placed in The New Weird, an emerging sub-genre beginning from the 1990’s. This story fits into the definition given by the proponents of New Weird Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, which is that it β€œsubvert cliches of the fantastic in order to put them to discomfiting, rather than consoling ends.” New Weird fiction breaks down the barriers between fantasy, science fiction and supernatural horror.