Becoming Stardust ebook cover + synposis

This is the cover image I created for Becoming Stardust. For the longest time I didn’t know what to use. I had over 200 images saved in my iStock folder and I just kept adding more. Eventually I was like, don’t overthink it! Just pick something with a bit of action in it that has a major sci-fi element and involves space and space travel.

So not four hours ago I went on an image bing and found this one. I thought about it for a while and experimented with in on Pixlr and decided that this would be the one I choose.

So I bought it for one credit and put it together. I had a few issues when downloading the final produce because for some reason my computer is automatically formatting the 300 dpi image to 96 dpi. But when I open it up there seems nothing wrong with it ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is my cover for my free prequel short story. I have also written up the synopsis for you guys.

Before Ilona took on the identity of a dead girl, she was a hunted girl. Her mother and she had known nothing but running until the bounty hunters finally caught them. Wounded and orphaned, Ilona sneaks her way onto a smuggling ship. Subsequently becoming part of the crew. This appears to be the break that finally gives her a safe upbringing. However, it is just the beginning.

Synopsis attempts

My current quarantine project.

I can write a 20+ thousand story, but can’t push out a faithful 250-word synopsis.

The Dragon’s Mate is a five-chapter, third-person omniscient novella that switches POVs each chapter with the last chapter being a combined POV. It goes between Osbert, a young wizard’s apprentice and Estrid, a 14-year-old woodcutter’s daughter. It’s a low-level medieval fantasy set prior to the 1100’s (if I give you a rough time setting).

My first attempt was to focus on Osbert’s character and his journey. However, it completely ignores Estrid, who has an active and equal role in the story progression.ย The second attempt focused on both characters but I made it seem like they team up to take down the baddie which doesn’t happen. So my next attempt I figured I take out the characters and focus on a more grand scale focusing on the antagonist of the story. But it’s misleading because his character isn’t the focus, it’s Osbert. I do this new synopsis is an improvement, it’s not exactly faithful to the story. I am liking the direction it is heading though so I might tweak my story to fit it ๐Ÿ™‚