Tiresome editing :(

I’m finding my editing to be tiresome and longer than I expected. It looks like I am going to be re-writing the entire thing and since my last post I have only reached chapter 4. The thought of this makes me cringe and on any given day I can only manage a small chunk. Last night though, I did about 2 or 3 pages and that was a stretch for me 😦

I have no idea how long this is going to take and all I want is it to be over. My goal of being finished by now is completely shattered. I feel burnt out, but I have to continue. I’ve already gotten this far and I wonder if I’ll feel this way for my other stories? Is this a natural part of writing? The only thing that is keeping me going is the thought of finishing and publishing this book.

Feet or Fins update

I can say that I am now past the half way mark on editing my first novel 🙂 I remember first writing it. Somehow I managed to word vomit all 40,000 words all over my keyboard in the time frame of a few weeks. I look back and think I have created all of this.

Screenshot 1: Title page to page 55.
Screenshot 1: Title page to page 55.
page 56 to 95.
page 56 to 95.

These screenshots show how much I have done 🙂

I think I began editing this right after I finished writing it, or maybe a little time later. I know after editing it for a few weeks I got tired of it. I think I had a little bit of Feet or Fins burnout, and with uni starting back up again I put it on the back burner. Until yesterday where I took it out and began editing it again. I did 12 pages in the last few hours.

The blue tract changes is from months ago, the red from the last few days and the white patches shows what I’ve got to do.

The thought that this edit will not be my last is kind of overwhelming, but I can only edit one page at a time. And it is all these one pages that add up 🙂

You’ll also notice the picture on the first page. I use that as inspiration. Because if I have a image I want to use for my cover at the top of the document it’ll make me work harder as I can visualize the end product.

Before I get ahead of myself . . . I need to publish first

Today I met up with a person from my class to discuss some of my writing. We’re doing an editing course and he’s editing a piece of my work (I’m editing someone else’s). The main thing is that he says he likes my work 🙂

So that’s all that matters – joking.

I have often thought what I would do to celebrate my first book sale. Maybe I would got out for dinner with friends, or simply spend it on bills 😦

But before all that I have to finish writing (which I have with two stories) and then edit them (doing one at the moment). And then since I’m going to self publish I’m going to have to design a cover because covers sell books (whether you like it or not).

And then if I think it is good enough I will probably have to edit again, because manuscripts only seem well written if your exhausted from editing. After I have done this part a few more times I will only then be ready to publish.