Jumpstart draft 7

iStock-669387114_1I’m doing another draft and I am still finding things that I am unhappy with. This piece isn’t that long but it seems that it is taking ages to get through. I feel rushed even though no one is putting any pressure on me. I guess the one good thing is that I am getting better at editing as I can see issues, but Jesus, when will I be finished with it!?

But before I chuck a wobbly (Aussie slang for tantrum), I have to remind myself that at least it will be better than the last draft.

I’m just getting antsy about when I’m going to release something next. I feel that sometimes my brain becomes clogged if I procrastinate and then I get in a fussy mood about what I’m even doing with my time.

Jumpstart in 6th edit



I started 2018 by breaking my dry spell of writing by starting the 6th edit of Jumpstart. I thought I was getting better at editing, but really I just realised that I still can’t judge my own skill level yet 😦

Last draft I thought I was almost there, but after going through the first 15 pages I see that I was just being impatient and wanted to get it over and done with. Guys do not rush your editing. It will show later on down the track.

I think back to my first book Feet or Fins and how I did like 13/14 edits of that book and I think to myself. God, it was fifty odd thousand words and I managed to get through that. Why is this 22,000-word piece weighing me down? I mean, it’s half that size. Anyway, so far most of my edits are line edits, with a few changes to the plot.

For the sequel, I only have bits and pieces written with a vague outline of maybe the first third or half of the book. I’m worried about when I’ll even finish that one because I read somewhere that readers expect the sequels to follow up ASAP. But I’ve got other more completed stories on my USB waiting for me to give them attention so I’m a bit worried about when I should publish this thing.

Maybe I should still put this out this year for free permanently and see how people react. Maybe I can use this as an opportunity to gather a lot of feedback.

Fourth draft of Jumpstart completed

iStock-669387114_1Yesterday I finished another edit of Jumpstart. It’s a prequel novelette for this sci-fi and paranormal adventure story I thought of some time earlier this year. I haven’t even worked out where the book will end or what the next one in the series will be about, but I’ll work it out later.

The series was going to be called Odine King’s Big Space Adventure, but I changed that a few days ago to the Tune Trilogy.

The premise revolves around a young woman who has the ability to communicate with spirits, hence the tune references (get it? Tune into the spiritual world). She is also fluent in a second alien language, Dalradian, that she uses as a means to escape her homeworld and go off into space for an adventure and employment prospects. She is employed as a private translator for a business ship that has the goal of setting up independent trade relations with the Dalradian race.

But her psychic abilities are growing and they alter her interactions will everyone. She has to decide what course of action she is going to take. Use it for her own gain and the gain of her employer or keep quiet and ignore it. But in the end, it might not matter.