Massive edit ahead

I just started the third draft of my longest story yet. It’s 200 pages or 124,000 words long! I wrote this story in late 2016, did the second edit in mid-2017 and now here I am again. I remember that I really loved writing this book. I had a rough outline in my head and mostly knew where it was heading, but I pantsed the entire writing process. Which is strange, because I mostly plan my other books to some degree.

I think it was a good thing that I did it this way because it created a sense of urgency to write before I forgot. I was also writing about 2,000 words a day around my splits shifts. Morning, lunch and night. It was a massive achievement to get something like this done because all my other writing marathons have always been under 50,000, most averaging around 30,000.

The split shifts helped because I’d write for a few hours and then go to work and it’d make me plan out what would happen next. Though the process is not without fault. One of the minor characters seems to have gone missing with no explanation. And the main character is a bit unrealistic. Eekk, my bad. I’ll have to work something out.

Currently, I’ve done 6 pages or 3%.

Potato chips in my books?

I came across a new phrase in creative writing today. Potato chip chapters. I just heard about it in a series of new youtube videos I’m watching. It’s mentioned at around 6.50. It means that your chapters are really short. I do write my stories with short chapters because I don’t pad them out with superfluous words. I guess you could say that most of my stories have potato chips in them 🙂

Crunch, crunch.

I went and looked for more information on these types of chapters and haven’t come across much. There is this reference from 2015, the video was from mid-2016. It seems that it’s a rare phrase. The article mentions that their opinion of chip chapters was 2,000 words, but some of mine are only half that. My scenes are short and to the point. What can I say?

There is another article that talks about this in more depth. It’s really good, has a lot of information on about story writing and structure as well 🙂

How I’ve managed to write over a 100,000 words.

The book I’ve been writing about for the last two months non-stop has gotten to the point where it has passed the word counts of my other projects and it might even be my longest yet. It’s going to be 100,000 words within a few days and I feel really good about this one 🙂 I’ve enjoyed writing it so much. I can’t wait to edit it.

I’ve managed to write this book around my work schedule. Which is as follows;

  • 8am:          wake up and write.
  • 11.30am:    the first of two split shifts.
  • 2.30pm:     come home and write.
  • 6pm:          do the night shift.
  • 10.30pm:   come home, chill and sleep.
  • REPEAT for about two/three months and it’s almost written (this includes a days where I have taken a break).